Pride '21 Mini Collection


Pride is my favorite time of year. Its like New York lights up all over again, between tourist and New Yorkers walking around doing nothing enjoying the hot air and noisy streets.

There's no better place to be.

My fondest memory of pride is back in 2009 when my mother took me to my very first pride. at this point i was still finding myself and seeing where i fit in, in this colorful community. At the time i thought nothing of it. But now that i'm 29, people don't understand how hard it is to tell a parent that your something different when you yourself don't even know what you are at that age and for it not to be called a "PHASE".

long story short, i'm glad i'm finally comfortable in my skin and confident enough that when people ask me what my sexuality is and what my pronouns are : Demisexual/Bisexual & She/Her.




100% Peruvian wool.

49Yards / 20gr of DK weight.



Lil’ Big Mama

75% Superwash Merino / 25% Nylon

92 Yards / 20gr



They Are Pre-Washed W/ Eucalan Eucalyptus.

Wash In Warm Water, Lay Flat To Dry.